Detailed Outline of capabilities / approach in:

Content creation for social media

Content creation for social media comes from three major sources:

  1. Creative
  2. Media Partnerships
  3. The best of User-Generated Content (UGC)

The best-performing content is generated when we create something to talk about (Chipot-name, Taste Invaders) instead of looking for something to talk about and reusing stock assets. Our integrated production approach allows us to capture social content as needed from a wide range of sources including experiential marketing, publicity events and scripted video. We have an in-agency production studio that was built for content creation.

To manage content, we advocate for a stock and flow model, where 30 days’ worth of content is kept on hand before there are specific plans to execute it. As this content (stock) is executed, we replenish it (flow) at a similar rate, providing the flexibility to dial up or down specific initiatives based on performance and to take advantage of trending topics or other cultural conversations in real time. This approach de-emphasizes a content calendar approach, which is generally produced monthly (a time delineation which has no explicit meaning in social) and emphasizes putting the right message out at the right time.

Social/digital analytics

Our analytical approach is based on the synthesis of all data in the ecosystem, including off-line media, site usage, digital media, brand health and social media. This requires a consistent approach to tagging across all digital channels. Our data integration platform is built on Elasticsearch (which also powers the Mars Curiosity Rover) and feeds directly into SAS where we use predictive analytics to do fun stuff like conducting multivariate significance testing, reverse engineering reach algorithms and using multivariate regression on historical data to determine the best opportunity areas for natural experiments.

Analytics is an ongoing approach that is not tied to the delivery of monthly reports. We like to deliver analyses as they are completed so that we can start acting on them immediately. We use a written, long-form format that has the space to tell the entirety of the story with appropriate illustration of data so our clients have the full context and awareness on what is working as planned and where we may need to make adjustments.

Day-to-day social media platform management

We are SMS agnostic, although we do recommend all of our clients have a solution in place. We have worked with Sprinklr, Spredfast, HootSuite, TweetDeck, Salesforce Social Studio (Buddy Media), Oracle Social Suite, Expion and native platforms depending on client needs.

Social paid strategy and execution

Paid social requires a twofold strategy, first to support everyday content and second to amplify key initiatives. Now that organic reach has dipped into single digits for most brands, paid support is vital just to connect with existing fans.

We prefer to manage paid efforts holistically as part of the larger media plan, to get the most from our integrated approach using a unified audience, but we can also work with managed services, like Social Code, to oversee paid social execution under our strategy and guidance. Integrated execution uses a mix of organic posts and ad products by channel (Twitter cards, Facebook carousel ads, TUMBLR-sponsored posts, etc.) and is driven by well-defined bidding strategy (CPM, CPC, CPE or CPA) linked to the desired outcome (reach, frequency, engagement or views).

Ongoing strategic counsel (e.g., when to launch on a new platform, how to adapt based on new functionality on a particular channel, recommendations based on industry trends, etc.)

A well-developed strategy crystallizes ongoing decision-making and prevents wasted time and energy pursuing something that, at its core, isn’t right for the brand. We define the careful balance between “protecting our core audience” and the need to create opportunities to test, learn and innovate within the most exciting, dynamic and fast-paced, media environment that exists today. We create a social playbook to outline the strategic approach for a brand including agreed-upon criteria for opportunities around new channels, new initiatives within channels and in the social sphere in general so that everyone can work from one point of truth.

Our robust portfolio of clients and use cases positions our team on the cutting edge of thought-leadership, as we share findings and platform/industry trends across the agency in a variety of formats. We perform regular industry trend reports as well as updates on relevant opportunities as they develop. On a more customized level, we create unique learning experiences for clients and their stakeholders, including, for example, quarterly webinars on a range of timely and relevant topics in social media.

Driving engagement around relevant conversations

Listening is an integral part of our day-to-day social management process for our clients. Understanding what is on the minds of our target audiences and current pop culture creates fruitful opportunities to engage (both proactively with content or direct engagement with influencers associated with timely topics). In our experience with the brands we manage, we view meaningful engagement as a way to create lasting relationships and brand loyalty, one consumer at a time. Collectively, these engagements translate into real impact on reach and positive opinion toward a brand. The key to success is the ability to discern between a real-time opportunity that is truly brand-aligned and a “jump on the bandwagon” moment because everyone else is doing it.

We live by the mantra "Moving at the speed of social," which is the way that brands have to exist and thrive in a social environment. With 350,000 tweets per minute, listening tools are a must to help us hone in on relevant conversations that could potentially tie back to our brand. We use, and have used, a variety of listening tools including Crimson Hexagon, Radian6, Brandwatch and TweetDeck to identify and participate in real-time conversations.

Social media reporting

Social reporting is delivered as a series of dashboards used to monitor the vital signs of each platform. We look at vanity metrics (Likes, shares and comments) to understand how operational performance is trending over time and where there have been large changes that warrant deeper interrogation. Vanity metrics in and of themselves are only relevant to optimize in-channel performance and don’t tell us anything about consideration, perception or intent, so we base reporting off the same integrated data set that supports analysis and includes brand health measures.

Project management

The fast pace and large number of deliverables in social require a high level of organization and coordination to keep all the parts moving in the right direction. This means coordinating efforts for all the pieces of the agency puzzle, from analytics to creative development, studio production and quality assurance, all the way through social media management and final reporting.

We work to make sure every team member has what they need to efficiently deliver the highest quality work using a centralized management of agency projects to enhance communication across the organization and improve accountability and understanding of interdependent work efforts. We manage internal workflow processes, resources, schedules, communication and quality assurance measures to ensure project requirements are met and delivered on time and on budget.